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Vege-Kurl Inc. & Joar Labs are thriving Custom Contract Manufacturers with product categories ranging from Cosmeceuticals, Cosmetics, Health & Beauty, Personal Care, and Pet Care & Grooming, to Household and Commercial products. From Research & Development of your original or existing concepts, to compounding, filling, and packaging, Vege-Kurl Inc. & Joar Labs are your "go-to" partner for creativity, productivity, and on-time success. We are a distinctive team comprised of friendly experts within our field, welcoming start-up entrepreneurs with an easy going, nurturing corporate culture.

For our higher volume customers, our corporate philosophy is to provide good old-fashioned, honest customer care focusing on timeliness, quality, and competitively priced delivery of product. In addition, we bring to all customers our understanding of regulatory issues: such as label claims, OTC, and other rules and regulations, which pertain to the successful manufacturing and filling of your product. Also, we can assist our customers in package development & design, including outside design services, packaging engineering, and many more packaging concept designs.

Vege-Kurl/Joar Labs & Vege Tech: Creative Synergies

Vege-Kurl Inc. & Joar Labs enjoys presenting a unique, proprietary advantage by affording our clients access to exclusive, naturally based botanical technologies offered through our Vege Tech division. Vege Tech Co. researches, develops, and manufactures a wide range of high-function botanical extracts, and naturally derived specialty ingredients, which are normally sold into the worldwide personal care manufacturing market. Because of this synergistic cross-ownership, Vege-Kurl Inc. & Joar Labs can readily bring these technologies home to its Custom Contract customers with substantial economies-of-scale savings. This provides our customers a creative and economic edge when creating either a new product or incorporating Vege Tech ingredients into an existing formulation. These Vege Tech ingredients can be utilized into products at substantive functional levels, as compared to the minimal label-claim levels normally associated with Vege-Kurl's & Joar Labs industry competition. This powerful, creative "synergy-advantage" provides our customers with the "techno-tools" and economic freedom to invent, re-invent or revitalize products; which, in today's competitive environment, can literally make the difference between success and failure.

The Laboratory: Where Nature Meets Science

Vege-Kurl's & Joar Labs heart and soul is our Research and Development Laboratory, where our highly skilled Formulating Chemists, Chemical Engineers, and Lab Technicians translate the verbal and written desires of our customers into the "art" of product prototype development. Literally, thousands of stock formulas are readily available for use, or customization. In addition, we excel at developing completely new formulations based on your creative desires and economic goals.

Our lab's "artisans" can create or recreate products as diverse as a delicate anti-wrinkle eye cream, to a powerful ammonia-based window cleaner. Examples of some of the products Vege-Kurl & Joar Labs can provide are: Hair care products, skincare products, bath & body products, therapeutic spa & massage products, adult personal & pleasure products, spray analgesics, topical ointments, pet care & grooming, and other OTC products. We can also create household and commercial products including floor cleaners, polishes, waxes & finishes, kitchen & bathroom cleaners, and deodorizers & fresheners.

Our lab provides complete in-house formula integrity, from initial formulation, through production batching, and finally to the filling & packaging line, to ensure product longevity and stability. Vege-Kurl's & Joar Labs labratory facilities incorporate the latest in analytical devices and tools including High Performance Liquid Chromatography, which is highly useful when recreating existing products or quantifying activity levels and constituents.

Manufacturing Facilities

Vege-Kurl & Joar Labs' manufacturing, filling, and packaging facilities can accommodate a wide range of multi-faceted simultaneous production. Multiple sized, steam-jacketed, stainless steel compounding vessels allow both large production batches to be produced harmoniously with very small "entrepreneur" runs. Vessels with stainless steel side-sweep motion can create viscous gels, and homogenizers that can sheer a delicate cream until it achieves a glossy texture.

Our multi-speed filling lines can rapidly and accurately fill hundreds of units per minute, while our small, semi-automatic lines serve smaller run customers. Bottles, jars, tubes, and boxes can be spot, front-back, or wrap-around labeled, and codes can be applied automatically. Bulk product can easily be manufactured and then packaged in drums, large totes, or even tankers for customers wishing sub-contract rather than turnkey services.

Vege-Kurl & Joar Labs utilizes state-of-the-art fiber optic networking hardware, as well as the latest in Accounting, Inventory and Production Control software to ensure that your orders are reliably and accurately channeled from initial sales order to shipment delivery. At any point in the production process we can advise the customer of order status and estimated shipping dates. The Quality Control department is independent of other departments at Vege-Kurl and  Joar Labs is charged with the mandate of representing the customer, to insure that the customersí requirements are met at every step, from raw material integrity, product stability, to packaging and labeling accuracy.

Quality Control personnel constantly inspect every aspect of the compounding, manufacturing, filling and packaging processes to insure accuracy, consistency and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Microbiological analysis is applied in all appropriate steps of the process to ensure micro-specifications of your final product. Therefore, the synergies between Manufacturing, Filling and Quality Control uniquely combine to guarantee that you not only receive the utmost in quality and service, but that your product is given the best of care from concept to marketplace.

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